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Memory Path Care Solutions has a mission to provide information and comfort for professional and family caregivers to walk life's journey with clients and loved ones to keep them happy and safe in their confusing world.

Clarice Cook, CDP is the webmaster and wrtier for Memory Path Care  This dementia care site is a free to glean dementia care information. Ms. Cook has been incrementally, a CNA, Developmentally Disabled Work Instructor, in home care giver, dementia researcher and health care writer, activities assistant, and CDP, over the last 25 years.

Ms. Cook also has a business degree from Davenport University, and finds that this office education and experience to be valuable in the health field.

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Learn the pathways and the symptoms that correlate to the different lobes.  Identify the different types of dementia.  Learn how to interact with persons in different behavior situations.Creating the Dynamic Dementia Care Team 

Click here to purchase the paperback version of Creating the Dynamic Dementia caregiving manual. Available signed copies.

Below is the stimulating novel Legacy from the Wake Journals.  Two matriarchs with memory loss help to make this an exceptional saga with surprises and mystery. 
Legacy from the Wake Journals
Legacy from the Wake Journals is now available at on Ebay for sale by author signed and unsigned) copies. Also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers and libraries. 

Now in the Kalamazoo County, Michigan area:  Memory Path Care Solutions provides private pay care giving and consultation for families with dementia care issues. A complimentary paperback manual, "Creating the Dynamic Dementia Care Team is included with all packages.  269-254-9547
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